A Halfmoon man is responding to claims that he let too much time pass before seeking help, after his dog was allegedly set on fire by a friend. Katie Eastman talked to the dog's owner, Ed Turner, who wanted the opportunity to defend himself. He said he's not at fault.

HALFMOON, N.Y. -- The burned ring around her eye and the charred skin on her ear show the pain 9-month old Roxy the Pitt bull suffered.

"If I lifted up her ear you would see more of the severity of her burns. It's very painful to the touch," said Saratoga County Animal Shelter supervisor Deborah Oligny.

State police say this Halfmoon man, Scott Cusson, 19, poured flammable liquid on her face and then lit a match. They say the owner of the dog, Ed Turner was asleep, but took too long to bring her to the vet.

"The owner himself had failed for two days to provide medical attention to the dog," said New York State Police Investigator Roger Kirsopp.

Reporter: What do you want to tell people?

Turner: I did as much as I could to get my dog to the vet.

Turner who has another dog with his partner said he has no car and made the appointment as soon as he could find a way to bring her to the vet.

"I love my dog and I think she deserves to be at home with me where she has a home where people love her and a warm bed at night," Turner said.

Scott Cusson was arrested and charged with the felony crime of aggravated cruelty to animals. Turner faces a misdemeanor charge of failing to provide sustenance. 

"I love her and that's my baby and they took her away from me and I didn't do nothing wrong, " he said.

"If it was a child, you would obviously take the child to an emergency room, receive treatment, it's a bad injury," said Kirsopp.

Roxy is being held at the Saratoga County animal shelter until a judge determines if Turner is a fit owner.