It's cold out across the area with wind chills making it feel like it's 10 below outside. You might be thinking anyone who wants to go outside must be crazy. But as Time Warner Cable News reporter Katie Eastman found out, for one man, going outside in this cold, is more a matter of survival.

GALLATIN, N.Y. -- Steve Lancia has been finding ways to survive since he was born to a Marine who survived Iwo Jima. 

"You don't need a tent, you need a brain to figure out what to do," said Lancia, of Northcamp Survival School.

He's been an Eagle Scout and an EMT a ski patroller and a life guard. 

"This looks like a rope and a tarp- to me it's a shelter," he said.

Now Steve teaches others the survival skills he's learned over the years.

He follows the rule of threes- that means in most circumstances you can stay alive for, three minutes with severe bleeding or without breathing, three hours in extreme cold, three days without water, three weeks without food.

"And the most unfortunate stories are the people that don't make it," he said.

And that's what happened to one New York City woman hiking the white mountains this weekend. She activated an emergency beacon on Sunday- but search and rescue teams couldn't get to her until Monday. By then she had died from what appears to be exposure to the cold.

It's a scenario Lancia has never been in and he hopes he can save others by spreading his survival skills. 

Lancia said he's going to start even more classes in the spring at his survival school.