Millions of people have with chronic sinusitis, no matter how much medication they take they still suffer chronic symptoms.

"There would be so much pressure that I can't move my head fast in any direction," said Leanne Ricchiuti.

Ricchiuti has been suffering from chronic sinus infections since she was five, symptoms worsened as she got older.

"It got so bad once that I lost my hearing in the my ears," said Ricchiuti.

Her worst symptoms were headaches, she could get as many as five a week, some headaches lasted for a straight 48 hours.

"They get so bad that I have to sit not moving, ice on my head, dark... needs to be dark. Similar to that of a migraine. They can make me nauseous as well," said Ricchiuti.

Looking for relief, she tired numerous medications.

"Q nasal, I tried steroidal nasal sprays, I have tried regular nasal spray,  I have been taking Sudafed since I was about 11 years old," said Ricchiuti.

It was Dr. Nora Perkins through a cat scan that discovered why Leanne's sinuses wouldn't drain because her sinus drainage passages were too narrow. To fix the problem, there’s a procedure called a balloon sinus dilation.

"We use this balloon device to enter the sinuses, the balloon is advanced, it is inflated which creates the microstructures that actually fractures little bits of bones in the sinus drainage passage they so they can heal in that widened position," said Perkins.

The balloon procedure is done in the office. Leanne opted to have the procedure we are right by her side as gets it. Did it work? Check back here Sunday.