Rallying at the Times Union Center in Albany Monday night, Donald Trump found common ground with Bernie Sanders -- at least when it came to winning delegates in closely-fought primary contests. 

"Every time I turn on the televisions, it says Bernie wins. Bernie wins this one, Bernie wins that one. Bernie wins Wyoming. But he can't win," Trump said. "I say, 'Oh, it's rigged. Just like ours, it's rigged.' "

Trump continues to lead the delegate count in the race for the GOP nomination, but his main rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, continues to remain in the race and winning delegates. Trump, meanwhile, also latched onto to recent criticism of Hillary Clinton by Sanders. 

"And now he's saying bad things about Hillary," Trump said. "He's saying she doesn't have the judgment to be president."

Trump is leading both Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich in New York polls ahead of Tuesday's primary. Kasich, also in Albany on Monday, warned of the consequences of a Trump nomination. 

"I'm about to go meet the New York State Senate," Kasich said. "I will tell you, the majority in the New York State Senate will not be a majority with the other two guys as the nominees of the party."

But Trump supporters are not worried. The New York businessman insisted he has broad appeal with Hispanic voters, even as polls show otherwise. 

"I have great relationships with Hispanics, with Mexico," Trump said. "Thousands of Hispanics work for me. They're great, great people. They're going to vote for me."

The rally was interrupted multiple times by protests. Trump knocked the media for focusing on the protests and not the thousands of supporters who came to the arena. 

Trump continues this week to rally across upstate New York, with plans to drive turnout, especially in the western part of the state.