SCHENECTADY, N.Y. -- Police identified the person shot Tuesday afternoon on Union Street in Schenectady as a male. They categorize the shooting as an isolated incident.

Officers responded to Union near Gillespie Street around 2 p.m. Tuesday. The house is now taped off and police are investigating.

The stepson of the victim was on-scene after the shooting and told us what he knows from relatives. So combining that with police information, here's what we know: Inside that house, the stepson says an argument broke out between two men. One of them pulled a gun and shot the victim in the arm. Then he stole a cell phone, and ran.

When police arrived, the suspect was gone. But officers found the victim a few doors down at another home. They have no idea why the victim was there or how he got there, but police say the victim was sent to Albany Medical Center; he is expected to survive. Both police, and the victim's family, think he will be the key to finding the shooter.

Police say there is no danger to the neighborhood. Union College nearby emailed and texted students and staff to make them aware of the situation unfolding in the area.