ALBANY, N.Y. -- A Troy man was identified Monday by police as the victim in the Thanksgiving morning shooting at Rocks nightclub in Albany.

Wendell Hill, a husband and a father from Troy, was 26 years old.

Just one month ago, Shaleem Love had a photoshoot with Hill, known as Nuke to friends and family, and his daughter.

"He just happened to call me and say 'Shaleem, my baby girl is looking like a princess and I just want to take photos,'" Love said about his conversation with Hill.

After countless birthday shoots and family portraits, Love got to know Nuke Hill well. He reached out to Love when he was just starting his career.

"He gave me a chance," said Love. "Starting out as a photographer it's hard to get people to take a chance on you that don't know you, and he took a chance on me and that just shows his character."

The photoshoot with Hill's little princess was his last.

"Once I heard it I just thought, no way," said Love. "This can't be true."

The man whose smile always came naturally was gone on Thanksgiving. Hill was shot to death at Rocks nightclub after an argument.

"This guy has a family and kids and people that look up to him and for him to have his life taken on Thanksgiving is just tragic," said Love.

Police have not made an arrest in the shooting but they say they have identified a suspect. They say Hill knew the person who shot him. Rocks is an LGBT bar but this is not being investigated as a hate crime.