It came as a surprise to Schenectady Police Chief Eric Clifford that his above-average sergeant, Jonathan Moore, is under investigation for passing forged checks.

"During the last eight-and-a-half years, he has been an above-average officer and supervisor," Clifford said.

Even more surprising was an Albany Times Union article Wednesday linking Moore's boyfriend, Anthony Aubin, to an underground system of underage drinking and sex parties.

"We were concerned that it was put out in the way that it was," Clifford said, "and that we were ... you know, it's fair to say we were blindsided by it."

Sgt. Moore is suspended with pay right now because of that forgery case in Colonie. And the reported underage sex case investigation stems from that.

The Times Union wrote Wednesday that Albany Police were spurred to investigate claims that underage sex parties involving alcohol may have been hosted or attended by police officers from different departments. And despite running its own investigation, Schenectady Police had no idea about the sex and underage drinking details until they came out in the paper.

"I cannot comment on them at all, because I am not aware of them," Clifford said. "All I can say is that, in speaking to the investigators who did interview Mr. Aubin, those two topics never came up."

We contacted Albany Police about this today, and they repeated Chief Brendan Cox's statement given to the Albany Times Union: "There is a case we are looking into, but we are not in a position to even gauge whether or not there is any truth to what has been alleged."

It's important to note that, while he is suspended, Sgt. Moore is not facing any criminal charges right now.