Nicholas Pontore, a former Watervliet police officer accused of buying drugs while on the job, pleaded guilty Monday morning in Rensselaer County Court, and will now spend two years in jail.

Pontore bought drugs while on duty, in uniform, and in his Watervliet Police Department patrol car.

Pontore no longer works for the department.

Pontore's attorney argued his sentence should be served in a local institution so he could receive addiction treatment.

The judge denied this request, insisting the two years in prison was appropriate and he could pursue treatment there.

"I am very disappointed. We were hoping that Nick would be treated like other addicts and the judge would see that he needs to have treatment and not have solely punishment," said Arthur Frost.

Just last week, another ex-Watervliet officer, Joshua Spratt, was sentenced to six months in jail and 10 years probation for having sexual contact with two teenagers.

He had a criminal sexual relationship with students at Watervliet High School, where he was a school resource officer.