ALBANY, N. Y. -- Sometimes it doesn't matter which side of the tracks, or even ocean you grew up on.  

"Every time I go outside early in the morning to go to my bus stop, I just see people sitting on the steps doing nothing, smoking, drinking," Rahmene McDuffie said.

For anyone who believes you are a product of your environment. These teenagers have become young, noble gentlemen, in spite of their surroundings. This is their fight song and it's a battle they say that is never ending.

"My goal is to try to have kids not do drugs or try alcohol or anything and just trying to impress people with our songs," McDuffie said.

Best friends since the third grade, the almost 14 and 15 year old entered a contest to write a song about being above the influence.  They won first place -- receiving $5,000 and two free tickets to watch the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, next weekend. 

The only catch is they'd have to get there on their own dime. So they created a GoFundMe page to share their story with the world.

"It was rough I could say that. Food was scarce, education wasn't good," Reh said.

Lee Reh and his family left a Thai-Burmese refugee camp in 2009. Though he didn't speak any English he always had a passion for music. Growing up in Albany's inner city, Rahmene McDuffie says his father was his musical inspiration.

Discovered by Alex Huntley at a school talent show, the boys are headed to the west coast with stars in their eyes and a laser sharp focus on their goal.

When asked what do the Grammys mean to them, they answered -- "Opportunity. An opportunity for something big to happen with us."

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