SCHENECTADY, N. Y. -- "I happen to think it's the most fabulous parks in the greater region. It has more amenities, between the pool, the rose garden, the children's playgrounds and of course, Music Haven," Mona Golub said, Music Haven Concert Series Founder & Executive Producer.

Nestled in the serene woods of Central Park, the Agnes McDonald Stage has served as a passport, taking crowds on a journey around the world.

"It went unused for several years before I approached then Mayor, Karen Johnson, back in 1989," Golub said.

For 26 years, Sundays at Music Haven have been a source of lively and eclectic beats. 

This summer kicked off with a trip to Peru and the band Novalima and songs of South America.

Golub explained, "Then we moved along to Red Baraat which combines sounds of Punjab, India and combines sounds with, believe it or not, Louisiana."

Across the Atlantic to England, Scotland and Ireland and then over to South Africa but coming this weekend, Golub said, "This coming Sunday we have got a brilliant, 12 year old, jazz piano prodigy by the name of Joey Alexander.  He hails from Indonesia."

Golub says her desire to hear different kinds of music naturally evolved in wanting to share the experience with others in the Capital Region.

"I think audiences at Music Haven have come to trust that they will see a high quality performance that they would otherwise have to pay anywhere from $25 to $50 dollars in a concert hall."

Here every seat is free and you can leave your suitcase at home. 

"There is so much fabulous artistry around the world that hasn't made it here yet that I'm determined to bring here one way or another," Golub said.

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