If your kids love sugar chances are they are at risk for cavities, but a trip to the dentist doesn't mean it has to be painful.

Sofia Gietman, 6, admits her love for chocolate, which most likely added to the number of cavities she's had.

"My mom thought I had nine, but I really had eight," Sofia said.

Pediatric dentist Dr. Lawrence Kotlow knows exactly what his patients fear most.

"The vibration of the drill and the smell. And it is the after effect of having a fat jaw. So all those things we can virtually eliminate or decrease," Kotlow said.

Yes, he said decrease or eliminate all that scary stuff.

"We developed a brand-new wave length called 9300 nano-meter; it is a carbon dioxide laser. It will cut bone. It will cut enamel, dentin and tooth decay," said Kotlow.

The best part of the laser is that you don't need any Novocain, no numbing means no needles.

"This laser causes an analgesic effect and eliminates the pain from reaching the brain. We are able to do operative dentistry without numbing most of our patients," Kotlow said.

And because there no need for needles and Novocain the only thing she needs are goggles to protect her eyes from the laser.

Within minutes, Sofia's cavity was vaporized and filled.

She says it didn't feel like anything, and that is the proof this laser can take the pain and the fear out of going to the dentist.