COLONIE, N.Y. -- It's one of the newest tech companies in the Capital Region, but one of the most experienced.

sCube was started by former GE and Xerox engineers and veteran IT professionals, and focuses on three main areas; e-discovery, e-licensing, and IT.

"A good example of that would be a parking spot and having an app out there that lets you know when a parking spot is available," said sCube Sr. Vice President of Operations Haileab Samuel.

sCube works with clients from around the country, but a majority are governments and municipalities, including New York State and Massachusetts. sCube limits the amount of paperwork that needs to be filled out, instead shifting the focus online.

"[That] offers savings to the consumers, because the process is more automated and then also streamlines the process," Samuel said.

In only 9 months, sCube has grown tremendously. It currently employees about 80 people. It's headquartered in Albany, but it opened an IT development center in India to help train workers, which sCube said will end up benefiting us.

"We work with customers that have direct interaction with the general public and our services help them deliver a better product to the general public," said Alan Poirier, sCube's VP of Technology.

Using their expertise, the IT veterans said they'll continue to adjust to ever changing technology, and the Capital Region is the perfect place to do it.

"We have a community of IT professionals that we're involved with to stay the course and not get lost," said Samuel.

"It's good. It helps us look to the future, where are we going to be in a year? It's kind of exciting because you don't know. We could be really really big and it seems like that's where we're heading," Poirier added.

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