RALEIGH – A Raleigh woman is attracting quite a “Roar” after a dress she designed for a Katy Perry concert was Snapchatted by the pop-icon herself!

Samantha Bolton, who is an aspiring designer, worked for weeks to bedazzle a dress she picked out from Forever 21.

In syncopation with Katy’s ‘Witness’ Tour, Bolton emblazoned the dress with a giant eye.

In the Snapchat video, Perry can be seen spotting the dress and immediately freaking out over it.

The pop star even went so far as to ask if Bolton could make her one; with the matching eye-shoes of course!

Samantha says she spent about two weeks decorating the dress with rhinestones.

She ordered about 6,000 rhinestones to complete the dress, the shoes, and couple of other things.

Bolton reports to be making a similar outfit for Katy Perry’s Poodle, Nugget.