From the streets to the sidewalks, let the cleanup begin.

After getting socked with a blast of winter weather, Buffalo is hitting the streets. With shovels.

“We had precipitation and snow all night. It stopped about 5:30 this morning, which, when that occurs, we have all our resources going to the mains and secondaries to get those clear for either the morning commute or emergency vehicles,” said Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak.

By midday Saturday, most of the main streets, like Delaware and Elmwood, were clear and flowing with traffic. Many of the side streets were barely passible.

The city has some 1,600 miles of side streets to cover, Stepniak says. It could be a while before the smaller residential streets are clear.

Residents are getting into the act too, breaking out shovels and snow blowers to clean up their neighborhoods.

“Just trying to get the driveway open from being buried,” said Neal Sloat. “The plows bury it every night and every day we go through the same thing.”

Some of the sidewalks on Grant Street are clean while others remain snow covered.

“I just came from Grant Street. Small business owners like Rotundo’s, they’re down to the pavement. Bu the large business owners – Rent a Center, McDonald’s, they’re not doing a good job on their sidewalks. We need our corporate partners here to step up to the plate, just like the small business owners,” said Assemblyman Sean Ryan.

In the meantime, Stepniak is urging residents to follow the parking regulations so plow trucks can clear those residential streets.