SILVER CREEK, N.Y. — Crews in the Chautauqua County village of Silver Creek are keeping a watchful eye on the ice jam after a flash flood warning was issued Thursday. 

Crews were out on bulldozers monitoring the ice jam in Walnut Creek and others throughout the area. 

Several areas were flooded—a portion of Central Avenue and other roads were closed to traffic as well. 

While there’s still a lot of ice built up in the creeks, disaster leaders and nearby homeowners are breathing a little easier now that the waters have receded. 

“For the most part, very, very relieved that the water is back to where it should be. But we’re still not out of trouble yet. We still have a lot of residual ice that’s broken and sitting in the creeks that hasn’t got out into the lake yet,” said Jeff Griewisch, Silver Creek disaster coordinator.

“You just more or less get used to it. I mean, we have the kids, we have our animals, just make sure that everybody’s safe. So with the water traveling, to see how high it can travel, it moved within feet, within seconds. I mean that’s what you got to worry about," said Steven Flick, Silver Creek resident.

Disaster leaders say the impending rain will help push some of that ice along. But along with it comes the fear of more water, higher water that will go over the banks. They say conditions can change very rapidly as the area will not be fully out of harm’s way until the creeks are ice free all together.