BUFFALO, N.Y. -- For years, neighbors in the Winspear and Northrup neighborhoods say they’ve been harassed by hundreds of college students spilling out of loaded house parties.

“People urinating off the roofs, people throwing bottles at passerbys, the chants that you hear from certain fraternities at females is disturbing,” said Winspear Avenue resident Molly Poremski.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has decided to take action. On Thursday, he announced a consent decree between his office and Jeremy Dunn, a landlord who owns 51 properties on Winspear Avenue and Northrup Place.

"Those 51 homes accounted for more than 500 calls to the police since 2014 and more than 200 calls last year alone," said Schneiderman, D-NY.

The decree requires Dunn to get his properties up to code and has clauses aimed at ending wild parties.

"He must require that no tenant host a party with more than 40 people or charge for alcohol at any party. File for eviction against any tenant who violates the city's nuisance party ordinance," said Schneiderman. 

Dunn will also be required to inspect his properties every weekend and report any violations. 

"He has no excuse. He now has to evict them and we've all seen it, and we've been videotaping and we'll have the evidence if he doesn't," said Winspear Avenue resident Maureen Milligan. 

The school year has come to an end, so how effective this decree is won't be known until classes start up at the end of August.