BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Anyone driving through the neighborhood near the Central Terminal is sure to leave filled with Christmas cheer.

More than 150 volunteers with B Team Buffalo spent Saturday decorating homes for free with lights, garland and tinsel.

It is all part of B Team's 9th annual City of Light celebration.

"The name "City of Light" comes from the idea of the 1901 Pan Am Exposition. Buffalo was called the City of Light. So literally, we want to light up the streets of Buffalo, but also figuratively, bringing that joy to the neighborhood," said Joanna Panasiewicz, B Team Board of Directors chair.

Each year, the volunteer group adopts a neighborhood to decorate.

This year, the group partnered with the Matt Urban Hope Center to hold a carnival for area children and a community dinner. The B Team also hosted a tree-lighting ceremony. 

"Everyone's been so excited the last couple of months. We've been in the neighborhood knocking on doors, letting them know what's going to be happening. [They're] very excited to have us in the neighborhood," said Nicole Gentile, B Team Volunteer.

Those who had their houses decorated get to keep the lights for future use.

B Team members say they are already looking for a new neighborhood to decorate next year. 

"It's a great connection to where we live, and it's a good, heart-warming feeling to be able to do this with others," said Gentile.