Our pets have amazing capabilities. From a superior sense of smell and sensitivity to the Earth’s magnetic field to night vision. r pet world wide and while many cat lovers would say their most endearing traits are independance and purring, cats also have amazing superpowers that allow them to leap great heights in a single bound and see prey in the dark. 

Most young healthy cats can jump about eight feet in the air. That’s about six times their length and would compare to a six foot tall human jumping to the roof of a three story building.  

Our feline friends are also known for having superior sight and have a slightly wider field of vision to that of humans of 200 degrees compared to our 180 degree vision. Cats also have a reflective structure in the back of their eye that help them process more visual light, allowing them to see better at night than humans. That’s what makes their eyes glow in the dark or in photos. 

Meanwhile our canine companions have us beat by much more than a nose when it comes to our sense of smell. Dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose giving them more than 40 times the sniffing ability of humans. When your dog catches a scent his receptors are reacting to the information with such accuracy they can detect a scent down to the parts per trillion. Scientists continue to research this talent to find more ways to use it to help detect certain types of cancer, diabetes and seizures in humans.  

If you notice your pet positioning their body in a certain way or being completely still sniffing the air, their super senses could be picking up signals only they can smell, feel or see.