BUFFALO, N.Y. -- David Kat, who three years ago opened Kat Family Market on Grant Street, immigrated here from Sudan 12 years ago. The store owner says President Trump's reported Oval Office expletive comment toward about African and Haitian immigrants, which Trump denies, hurts him personally but also hurts all of us.

"I think the president is supposed to respect everybody, supposed to respect every country, because you, the president of the United States, you're supposed to respect citizens of the United States and respect anybody around the world," Kat said. "That's what you're supposed to be but when you calling like that, I think nobody gives you respect.”

"I'm hurting because this is my people in Africa and here I'm a United States citizen so, United States in now is my people too, and Africa is my people so, we're supposed to respect each other but, when the president is saying something like that including me, it's not just the people in Africa, it's including me, even if I'm a United States citizen. What do you say that's including myself too."