BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Record Theatre's history is like an LP; its Buffalo location has stood the test of time since 1976. 

However, on Sunday, their vinyl countdown ticked away to mere hours as folks young and old bid adieu to the Main and Lafayette icon. Shoppers had until 6 p.m. to dig for precious music treasure, all deeply discounted at 80 percent off.

Ed Hoffman says taking numerous trips to the store was a bonding experience for him and his brother, he was hoping to snag something to frame at home.

"I came here in my brother's '69 Camaro, lot of memories," said Hoffman. "We figured we'd come down and give it one last farewell."

Earlier in the day, the store's Facebook page paid tribute to its late founder Lenny Silver, who passed away in March. They said, "His unique perspective and business model had an effect on not only Record Theatre, but the industry as a whole. Without him, none of this would ever be possible." 

Store officials say the building will soon be put up for sale. Anything left will make its way to an online auction.