BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Cheektowaga native William Fichtner carved out a successful acting career in Hollywood, racking up over 80 television and film credits. Now, he's back in Buffalo for his directorial debut.

"It didn't matter about anything else, anything else that came along. If somebody called and said you've got the lead in a Spielberg film, I'm still going to Buffalo to shoot Cold Brook," Fichtner said.  

"Cold Brook" is a film Fichtner co-wrote and will also star in along with actors Kim Coates, Harold Perrineau and Brad Henke. He says the film is about two ordinary guys who do the right thing during an extraordinary adventure.

Filming locations will include the Buffalo History Museum and homes and businesses around Buffalo and East Aurora. Fichtner says he hired about 25 Buffalo-area actors for the film. Western New York Film Commissioner Tim Clark says Western New York's movie industry is booming and locals are benefiting.

"There are people in this town that are working and making a good living in an industry that just five years ago wasn't even here," said Clark. "So it's been a real good process and something that's really achieved success I think."    

Filming for "Cold Brook" begins Wednesday morning and will last until July 19.