OLCOTT BEACH, N.Y. -- It's Father’s Day at Mariners Landing at Olcott Beach, and it's anything but business as usual. Owner Jenny Pinkham it's normally packed, but not this Sunday.

"Today was a giant day last year, and I have a handful of reservations today for Father's Day," Pinkham said.

Pinkham says this is the problem. The beach remains closed after being ravaged by flooding. She says people think the entire area is closed due to the flooding.

"People think we're closed because the water level's changing. We actually have gotten people coming to look at the water come in for dinner, which has helped a little but our normal people think that we're not open," said Jenny Pinkham.

Judd Wojtkowski is one of those people who came by to take a look at the damage.

"I'm just kind of riding around today to see exactly what is happening here. I come down to this area in particular because, over the years, we used to come down here and walk around through the shops and things like that, do a little window shopping, more or less, possibly stop and have lunch," said Wojtkowski.

At Olcott Beach Carousel Park, Executive Director Rosemary Sansone says the flooding put them behind in getting ready for busy summer season. She says fortunately, because the business district sits on higher ground, it wasn't hit hard like the beachfront or lakeside residences. As far as the crowds, she says it's slowly getting back to normal.

"I would say it's getting there. Saturday we had the Mermaid Parade here and it brought in a lot of people. So, we did really well. We haven't really had a bad day. So, it's been pretty good," said Sansone.

And while Olcott and Krull Park Beach will remain closed for the season while crews worked recover the lakefront, business owners here want people to know one thing:

"We're still open, the town is still open, and all the businesses are open. The beach is just closed," said Pinkham.