BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A section of the Shoreline Trail in Buffalo has been closed for two years while a $5.2 million project worked to transform it into a safer, more accessible connection between Niagara Street and downtown. Now, it's done.

It's part of the larger $60 million Peace Bridge gateway project.

Officials say one of the ongoing challenges with the bike path is signage. There are signs that mark this as the shoreline trail, but they say in some areas, there aren't enough, or they aren't exactly clear, and they say that needs to be updated to make sure people take full advantage of the trail.

Rep. Brian Higgins says he's working with the state DOT and others to get better access and signage to the path, but in the meantime, more projects totaling $40 million along the waterfront are already underway, with the majority of that money coming from the federal government.