Family members of a missing Genesee County native marked her birthday Saturday, more than a month after she went missing.

Alexis Say of Pembroke went missing Jan. 23 in Miami, three months after moving to south Florida. Family members say she was last seen leaving a hospital.

Her relatives think Alexis may have fallen victim to a human trafficking ring. Her mom, Jennifer Say, has been staying in Miami to search for Alexis. She spent the day handing out flyers and otherwise working to track Alexis down.

"We have constant calls from other people who have their children go missing, some of them found, some of them not," Jennifer said. "There's a lot of personal support in that way and people trying to lend some direction. But at this point, we still have absolutely nothing to go on."

Say says letters of support have poured in since a website was set up last month.

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