BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Dr. Raul Vasquez is the head of Greater Buffalo United Accountable Healthcare Network. It is one of the biggest healthcare networks in the region.

Many of its clients get healthcare thanks to the Affordable Care Act. But now with the future of the act in jeopardy, many people are worried.

"21 million people aren't going to lose their insurance tomorrow. That's not the way this country functions and we have a lot of legal and a lot of. The way I see it is you get into a room, and then once you're inside the room you see what's inside the room. I think Trump hasn't seen that room yet. And when he gets in, he's going to see the limitations he has in terms of the amount of changes that he can bring forth," said Vasquez.         

Vasquez says while it is unlikely the Republican-controlled Congress will be able to do away with the Affordable Care Act in its entirety, he does see some major changes coming.    

"Can he reel the contraception pieces? Yeah. Can he maybe make a single payer, which he's not going to do? That would be valuable. I think the Affordable Care Act would have done really well," said Vasquez. "If he starts to eliminate the individual mandate and employee mandate, he's going to find that there's no pool to really subsidize, a lot of what health care is today. Because if you don't have health people in the system and only sick people, then the premiums that we saw mildly increase will triple in price."

Vasquez says he'd like to see a healthcare system that is focused more on patients and less on profits.

"We will be using providers and teams more focused on patients being satisfied. Healthcare, in the long run, it's going to be how satisfied patients are. So that's going to give the patient more control over this whole process. Even doctors and our institutions will be at the mercy of patients. So, I see it as a good thing in the long-term, I don't see it as a bad thing. they won't lose their healthcare benefit. They'll have more of a voice as a result of a lot of this disruption that's taking place," said Vasquez.