AMHERST, N.Y. -- Parents and medical professionals from Medical Cannabis Connection say they've seen first-hand how the drug helps seizure and pain patients. They met Thursday night in Amherst to talk about the benefits of the drug and how to change people's misconceptions about it.

"It was about my children at first, then it was about my friend's children. Now, it's way beyond that. It's about every patient across New York state that could benefit from a drug that I've seen personally have very minimal side effects and maximal benefit," said Daniel Ryszka, pharmacist and parent.

Organizers say they want everyone who could benefit from medical marijuana gets access to it. Medical marijuana is legal in New York, but only for patients who suffer from certain chronic or life-threatening illnesses.

A local medical marijuana dispensary in Williamsville is looking for a new owner after dealing with financial issues.

According to the State Department of Health, Bloomfield Industries on South Union Road in Williamsville notified them of financial problems and requested to have new owners take control. Bloomfield is one of two medical marijuana dispensaries in Western New York.

The Department of Health says its top priority is to make sure patients have access to the medications they need. The request is under review.