BUFFALO, N.Y. -- In a campaign season where new comments by Donald Trump seemingly capture everyone's attention each passing day, his response to criticism from the parents of an American-Muslim war hero seems to have staying power.

At last week's Democratic National Convention, Khizir Khan, whose son was killed in action in Iraq, criticized Donald Trump's proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country.

Trump responded by criticizing Khan's wife. He then went as far as to suggest the speech was prepared by the Clinton campaign. 

Through the back and forth, local GOP leadership is still standing by its candidate. 

"The American people are looking for someone who's just a good ol' fashioned truth teller that's going to call it as it is, shoot from the hip and say what's on their mind," said Erie County Republican Committee chairman Nick Langworthy.  

It's that unwavering support, more so than Trump's words, that disturbs Western New York Muslims founder Faizan Haq.

"It is a judgment for choosing him as a leader. There are all sorts of people in the world who say things which may make sense or which may not make sense, but people don't make them the presidential candidate for the superpower of the world," said Haq. 

Langworthy believes the media has blown Trump's comments out of proportion and the Khans willingly entered the political ring.

"He got attacked on stage during a speech, he responded, he probably should have left well enough alone, he shouldn't enter into a back and forth," said Langworthy.

Haq believes it's that unpredictability that makes Trump a poor choice for president.

"In America, the buck stops at the presidential desk. There are no excuses for anything, but no buck stops at him. Everything is someone else's fault," said Haq.  

When asked if a controversial Trump comment could cause him to retract his support Langworthy responded, "I'm supporting Donald Trump for president - period."