Postal carriers are responsible for delivering your mail, but one in Lockport brought a whole lot more to one household late last year. Time Warner Cable News reporter Angela Christoforos explains.

LOCKPORT, N.Y. -- It was a typical day on the job in early December, with postal carrier Norma Trapper taking the same Lockport route she'd delivered mail on for years.

"I was walking up to a house with a package, and I was going to put the package down and ring the doorbell and leave, but I thought I smelled gas," said Trapper.

That's when Norma decided to wait and let the homeowners know. The odor came from a gas meter outside of the house, so Susan and Gerard Wojcinski said they couldn't smell anything inside and had no idea.

"If there was a major gas leak and someone might have lit a cigarette or anything out there, any kind of spark could've blew up the whole house," said Gerard.

"She said, 'Is everyone in the house okay?' So that was her primary thought was, 'Everyone in the house OK?'" said Susan.

To express their gratitude, Susan wrote a letter to the Lockport postmaster to thank Norma for saving their family of five from a potentially devastating situation.

"The gas company came very promptly to check our gas meter, and of course it was leaking and that evening they replaced our gas meter," said Wojcinski.

Trapper was recognized with a certificate of recognition Wednesday. Over the course of her 28 years with the postal service, she says it's become fairly common to notice things on the job. She says she'd do it again to make sure her community is safe.

"Your people on your route become your people. They're like your family, so you like to go out and help who you can," said Trapper.

The post office in Lockport has nominated Norma for a Postmaster General Hero Award to recognize her for going above and beyond while on the job.