A group of students at Buffalo's Hamlin Park School are preparing to visit Washington, D.C. Local leaders announced Monday the kids received a special invitation from the White House. They'll be guests at the the 4th annual State of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Address on Wednesday.

White House officials said they were impressed by a project the children made for the Students Spaceflight Experiment Program. The Hamlin Park students were chosen by NASA over 310 kids in public and charter schools across Buffalo.

"I'm very excited in education that this is taking a turn for our school. Bringing in the science and technology is something that we don't do well in education nationally so it's very exciting to have this happen here in Buffalo Public Schools, in our school," said Elizabeth Giangreco, Hamlink Park principal.

The students' project will be taken to the International Space Station to test its ability to grow potatoes in microgravity.