BUFFALO, N.Y. - Some local filmmakers need your help to create a documentary examining race and culture from the African American perspective.

Creators of "The Blackness Project" launched a fundraising campaign Saturday at the Daemen College Theater. They showed a trailer for the movie and hosted a Q-and-A with the audience.

They say the film is inspired by conversations on the "Whiteness Project," a 2014 documentary where 1,000 Caucasian people were interviewed about their ethnicity and the perception of privilege that comes with it. Attendees made donations in support of the new project.

"What we wanted to do was make a counterpart and have more of a conversation to face race head on and not play any sort of blame game, saying it's this person's fault or that person's fault," says Cory Green, organizer of The Blackness Project Event.

The film makers started a kick-starter page with the goal of raising $20,000.

You can find a link to that page by clicking here: