BUFFALO, N.Y. -- It's an election year that could bring a lot of change.

"This is the Super Bowl of a four-year cycle because we've got county races, the entire county legislature, all the key towns have town supervisors, town board," said Erie County Republican Committee Chairman Nicholas Langworthy.

However, it could also potentially bring short lines at polling places.

"The pattern is that this is the tough year to get people out to vote. It's all local stuff, so they're not seeing a ton of activity on television," said the county's Democratic committee chairman Jeremy Zellner.

The problem isn't a new one, even when it come to bigger races.

Langworthy says a million fewer people came out to vote for governor in 2014 than in 2010.

Wednesday, the committee welcomed state GOP chair Ed Cox. He offered support to candidates in Buffalo and Niagara Falls and says the region overall is important for the party.

"Western New York, and Erie County in particular, really loom very large. The party's had a lot of success here electing, in 2013 a Republican legislature for the first time in 35 years," said Cox.

Over at the county's Democratic headquarters, volunteers have been busy getting tens of thousands of pieces of campaign literature out into communities.

"We've got volunteers in and out of our office...printing a lot of mail out of here, doing a lot of phone calls, coordinating a lot of people to do door knocking this weekend," said Zellner.

Both parties say the race for county executive has generated a lot of interest and may help boost numbers at the voting booth.

But the next few days will be spent hitting the pavement, dialing phones, and trying to make sure people don't stay home this Tuesday.