WEST SENECA, N.Y. -- One local woman is staging a sit-in to protest plans to move the Children's Psychiatric Center. Stephanie McLean-Beathley kicked off her two-day sit-in at Fireman's Park in West Seneca on Tuesday.

A proposed plan would consolidate the Children's Psych Center with the Buffalo Psych Center near Buffalo State. Mental Health experts are against the plan saying children need their own facility and the West Seneca location serves the kids well. McLean-Beathley wants to raise awareness for this plan. She hopes community support will help the state reverse the decision.

"I hope that people will take a look, see what the issue is all about, 'Why is that woman out there? What's so important to her?' And we just want people to ask questions if they don't know so we can education them to what we're trying to do," said McLean-Beathley. 

McLean-Beathley will end her sit-in Thursday morning when a group of legislators will be touring the West Seneca Facility.