CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. -- It's one of the first winners of the world's largest business idea competition, and now a 43North success story is showing how it's making trying on clothes easier for shoppers. 

The founders of triMirror teamed up with stores at the Walden Galleria this week to demonstrate what they've created. triMirror features a virtual fitting room that you can use in a store, online or in mobile apps. The company works with retailers and brands to digitize their garments to 3D. Then, users create an avatar by putting in their measurements and you can even scan your face to make the avatar look like you.

One of its co-founders said triMirror users can see how the fabric moves, and can even grab it to adjust the fit or roll up the sleeves. triMirror partnered with Microsoft to demonstrate its virtual fitting at the Walden Galleria with real clothes from the mall's Guess and Gap stores. 

"People have really loved it and they find their right size right away, with tension maps that show you where it's tight or loose, and when they see the actual garment and try it on, they said it was the perfect recommendation. It was great to get that feedback," said Tcharnaia.

She said triMirror spent many years on research and development to make its virtual fitting very accurate.

The company is originally from Toronto and moved to Buffalo in January as part of the 43North competition. They're hoping to make triMirror available world-wide.