Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is finally commenting on his office's long and well-documented investigation into Steve Pigeon. He held a press conference Thursday afternoon to speak about Pigeon's indictment unsealed in court Thursday morning.

The press conference may have been more about what the attorney general didn't say than what he did.

He gave a little more detail on the alleged exchange of favors between former state Supreme Court Judge John Michalek and the political operative, including how an attorney who the judge appointed as a receiver at Pigeon's suggestion was later extorted for $5,000 by Pigeon.

The attorney general would not comment on any other prongs of this investigation, whether the special grand jury is still empaneled and who else might be implicated down the line. He wouldn't even comment on the 2013 election complaints he admits originally spurred this investigation.

"This is an ongoing investigation. This is not the only part of the investigation, but today we're talking about something that involved two individuals," he said.

The FBI special agent in charge reiterated this investigation has many branches and didn't rule out federal charges down the line. The attorney general says everybody should be offended by Pigeon and Judge Michalek basically trying to game the judicial system.

Pigeon and his attorney maintain his innocence and plan to fight these charges of bribery, rewarding official misconduct, and grand larceny at a trial.