ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — Bills rookie wide receiver Zay Jones seemed to defy the laws of physics in Sunday's win over the Chiefs.  

It wasn't an acrobatic catch, but the way Jones got back on his feet from the ground after an incomplete pass. Video clips of the feat have gone viral on social media.

"Everyone was texting me and was like 'Yo, you're getting compared to Michael Jackson right now,'" Jones said. "People were like 'you're possessed' and I'm like 'what is going on?'"

Jones says it's a move he started doing in high school and never expected it to blow up the way it has. Even his teammates are trying to figure it out. The Zay Jones Challenge had players attempting it after practice Wednesday.

"It's really not that complicated of a move," Jones said with a smile on his face. "It's more of just your momentum, and I think a cool way to be an athlete, I don't know."

Jones’ current state of mind is far from where he was early in the season. The rookie struggles hit Jones hard, and the player who caught more passes than anyone in college football history had trouble doing just that—and his confidence wavered.

"It was the ‘NCAA all-time catches leader is struggling to catch a pass,’ and it was very humbling to go through that experience and know that you can always improve and you always have work to do," Jones said.

Through the tough times, Jones has turned his play around of late, with touchdown catches in two of his last three games, and a team-high 10 targets against the Chiefs.  

"I have to give him the opportunity to make those plays," quarterback Tyrod Taylor said. "His confidence has grown over the past of couple of games, and it's going to continue to keep growing and I'm going to continue to keep looking for him to get open."

Head coach Sean McDermott has been impressed by the development of the young players on the team, and Jones is a prime example.

"He persevered. He showed that he’s got grit and mental toughness and he worked himself through it," McDermott said. "We kept coming back to him. I’m really proud of the way he’s persevered."

The Bills showed their faith in Jones, as he shows signs of the player he hopes to become after the team drafted him in the second round.

"There's been highs and lows. Going back to the Carolina Panthers [game] I drop a ball, and now I can levitate off the ground and people love it," Jones said. "It's just handling everything, ups and downs and just staying poised and just knowing who I am as a person and knowing what this team can do."

Jones has been knocked down, but it's all about how he gets back up.