VESTAL, N.Y. -- Broome County officials could be looking to terminate a contract with food service company Aramark if changes aren't made.

The company handles and distributes meals to residents at Willow Point Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. According to a letter submitted by the county executive, food is almost always arriving late or missing, leading many residents to skip meals altogether. Staff at Willow Point also discovered that food temperatures were significantly out of federal regulation.

And the issues don't stop there. When meals fail to arrive at Willow Point, staff must call Aramark, which has resulted in double billing and unpaid invoices.

County officials are now planning to hold a meeting with representatives to address the contract's future.

"We're going to go through the whole laundry list of things and we're going to ask them to immediately rectify it, and I'm also going to put them on notice that this contract is not working out for Broome County," said County Executive Jason Garnar.

Aramark released a statement, saying in part, "We share the County's dissatisfaction with the performance at Willow Point and are committed to working together to improve and deliver high quality service like we strive to do for all our customers."

Aramark has held the contract with the county since 2016, when the legislature voted to outsource meal preparation. The company’s contract also includes the Broome County Jail and the Office for Aging.