BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- With the deadline for pistol permit recertification fast approaching, sheriffs across the state are speaking out.

On Friday, State Senator Fred Akshar joined Broome County Sheriff David Harder to call on Governor Andrew Cuomo to extend the deadline.

In Broome County, 14,000 people currently have pistol permits, but just 6,000 filed recertification papers. And it's not a unique problem. In Oneida County, fewer than 10,000 people recertified, out of the 30,000 pistol permit holders.

Akshar says the new law is making criminals out of people overnight, similar to, as he says, what the SAFE Act did when it was announced.

"My fear, along with the sheriffs and county clerks, not only here in Broome County, but throughout this great state, is coming up on the deadline for recertification, we're going to see another scenario just like that," said Akshar, a Republican.

Gun owners who received their pistol permits prior to January 15, 2013, must recertify by January 31.