CAMPBELL, N.Y. — People were ordered out of Campbell, Steuben County Friday after an ice jam in the Cohocton River sent water flooding into the low-lying hamlet at the center of town.

After several hours, residents started returning to their homes around 5 p.m.

Parts of the community are still flooded with huge blocks of ice from the Cohocton River. 

Emergency responders have been checking residences to make sure they are safe.

Officials say gas and power had to be shutoff to 11 homes, but the temporary shelter set up earlier in the day is no longer necessary.

According to residents, the emergency personnel were very helpful. 

“Definitely relieved," said Justin Galligan, a Campbell resident. "Especially the stress all day of the town being evacuated and not being able to come home and check and we were out with the kids and we didn’t have anything for them and we were wondering what we were going to do for them.”

The ice jam has since broken up, so there is no longer any concern for people down river.

Steuben County officials advised people to stay home and warm, as the rain turned to snow.