BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- The future of a new drug treatment center in Broome County is unclear, and many in the community are angry about it.

Drug treatment advocates held a news conference Tuesday to show their support for the center. They also spoke out against any further delays from the county legislature. 

On Friday, Chairman Dan Reynolds said the resolution to accept state funding would not be dicussed in the upcoming December session. That pushed back a potential opening date at the Broome Developmental Center.

Advocates say people are dying and every day counts. 

"I'm still really kind of shocked," said advocate Penny Stringfield. "I can't believe why anyone would want to stonewall this, and why anyone would look for any specifically look for any little thing that might not work. Any project you do is not going to be perfect." 

Supporters hope Reynolds rethinks his decision and approves the resolution before next year.