Binghamton residents can expect to pay less in property taxes next year. Mayor Rich David unveiled his 2018 budget Wednesday night.

He proposed a 2.26 percent decrease in residential taxes. For a $100,000 home, that's a $53 savings.

He says he's been working throughout his entire term to get to this point.

"Residents have come to expect, I think, me holding the line on taxes or slightly reducing them," said David. "The concept of what I think is a significant tax reduction hasn't been seen in almost 20 years."

In his budget address, David also included plans to add more police officers, upgrade infrastructure and reduce the city's debt. But some say the devil is in the details of the 250-page document. 

Mayor David's opponent in the November election, Tarik Abdelazim, said he has to review the document before drawing conclusions. Abdelazim continued by calling the speech "theater."

The city council will spend the next few weeks reviewing the budget and then vote on it.