BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Binghamton community members get the chance to learn about efforts to go green through art.

"Southern Tier Solar Works" hosted a workshop Saturday.

Members of "the Land Art Generator Initiative" were on hand to talk about projects that combine art and sustainable energy infrastructures.

Some examples include three dimensional structures and murals made of solar panels. One possible site is being looked at near an old factory in Johnson City.

Officials say the installations could pave the way for a cleaner future people can enjoy first hand.

"Use places where you'd want to come have a picnic or spend the day in a power plant rather than just having solar panels in a row behind a chain link fence it can actually be a sense of pride and really instill collaboration, and spirit within the community," said Robert Ferry, Land Art Generator Initiative co-director.

Southern Tier Solar Works offers free solar assessments for those who are interested.