APALACHIN, N.Y. -- An aging Apalachin fire house is set to be torn down next month, making room for a more functional, modernized facility. The 65-year-old building sits at 230 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

The fire house is currently not in use, and all the equipment has been moved to nearby facilities. Last week, crews began asbestos abatement. That process is expected to be completed by the beginning of April, and then demolition will get underway.

Unfortunately, the current fire house just doesn't have enough space for all the equipment and necessary functionality.

The chairman of the board of fire commissioners say that rebuilding at the current site is the most cost effective method.

The new facility will be a steel prefabricated engineered building, with a seven bay garage, versus the six they have now.

The project will cost $2.5 million -- and the average homeowner will pay $65 more per year in taxes, over a 15 year period.

Construction of the new facility is expected to start in late spring, early summer. And officials hope it'll be completed by October.