CORNING, N.Y. -- Board game developer and history fanatic Dan Hundycz is in the midst of creating a game based on the Salem Witch Trials, right out of his building on Market Street.

The owner of DPH Games Inc. created a Kickstarter with an all or nothing goal of $10,000.

The campaign is already 97 percent funded.

"It's a nice way of knowing there is a market for the game and to let people know it exists," said Hundycz.

"Affliction - Salem 1692 " takes players back in time, letting them accuse rivals of witchcraft, arrest them and even choose to save them.

"What you're playing is a faction. So you're also trying to protect certain people, certain family members," said Hundycz. "It becomes a struggle between players to try to protect certain colonists and arrest others."

"It's interesting. I like the historical accuracy the theme is terrific," said Twin Tiers Board Game Group Member Michael Steffins. "The game itself is very thematic, by which board gamers mean that the actions you take in the game tie to the actual story."

Each character in the game is a real person from the time period, which makes it a learning experience too.

"People that were propelling the witch trials and those who were victims of it," said Hundycz.

"Somebody said, 'one of the characters is my eighth-time grandmother, is she in the game?' and Dan said, 'yeah, here's her card.'"

Hundycz says he's happy to create the game with the help of the local community.

"It's huge. Market Street is an awesome location and there's not too many Market Streets that function like this around," he said.

"Dan is local, they know him they see him at the game days," said Steffins. "He's somebody they know and they want to support him in what he does. And he makes great games."

If all goes according to plan, the game will be released within the next six months.