For 23rd Congressional Democratic candidate John Plumb, the prospect of doing better for veterans hits close to home.

"I'm a son of a veteran, a grandson of veterans, a brother of veterans, and I'm a veteran and military man myself," he said.

Plum is a military man who was just promoted to United States Navy Captain. So logically, his run for the 23rd Congressional District has largely focused on veterans issues. On Wednesday, he was in Hornell where he unveiled the details of his plans.

"There's a lot of important points here, from economic opportunity to healthcare, but I will tell you that personally, the thing that means the most to me, is making sure men and women who have PTSD, or other mental health issues that are veterans, have rapid access to care," said Plumb.

He says partisan politics in Congress has resulted in funding cuts and reduced benefits.

"I think Congressman Reed votes against veterans far too often and pretends that he doesn't," said Plumb.

While Plumb was in Hornell talking about veterans issues, his opponent, Republican Tom Reed was in Waverly, talking to community leaders about rural poverty.

Reed spent the day touring local businesses, and as he did, the dire effects of substance abuse in small communities came up repeatedly. It's an issue he will spotlight in his campaign.

"Making sure that we use every chance we have to raise awareness of the issues of drug abuse in our community," Reed said. "Of addiction. And not to have the attitude of keeping it in the dark."

As for veterans, he says they have, and always will be, a priority. 

"You stand with our vets, always," he said. "Not only when they're deployed, but you stand with our vets and their families when they come home. And so the cornerstone of our veteran plan is to make sure the policies always put the vets first."

And with less than a month until Election Day, both candidates will be busy campaigning, and doing everything they can to get their message out to voters.

Reed and Plumb will participate in three debates before Election Day.