BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- A renovation project at Binghamton's Salvation Army comes to an end.

Last fall, Students in BU's School of Management Honors Program voted to give the building a little TLC as their latest community service initiative.

The group took care of finishing touches Friday, including a mural painting.

Over the last two weeks they've been working to install new cabinetry in the soup kitchen, additional storage space and new appliances. 

The students raised a total of $14,000 to go toward reconstruction.

The local habitat for humanity helped the students carry out the work.

"The Salvation Army serves hundreds of meals a day, they provide a bread line, they provide a food pantry and it's great to know that people will be walking in, they'll be seeing this bright new mural, this bright new atmosphere and it can just brighten their day as they come here to have some food and eat," said Sarah Safeer, Binghamton University Student.

The Salvation Army building is 100-years-old.