ITHACA, N.Y. -- The Democratic challenger in the race for the 23rd congressional district was in Ithaca Tuesday.

John Plumb rolled out policies regarding the change he would like to implement in Washington, D.C. if elected.  

Ethics reform was the major theme.

Plumb also talked about working across party lines..  

He believes there is a lack of teamwork in Washington.  

"I'm still in the Navy 22 years in the navy and on a submarine you don't care if someone's Republican or Democrat," Plumb said. "You don't care what faith they are if they don't go to church. You don't care what color their skin is. All you care is are they working for the team to get results done and keep people safe. That is the thing missing from our Congress. It has become so partisan that things keep getting worse."

Plumb also addressed campaign ads suggesting he will move out of New York if elected.

Plumb says he will not be bullied by those false claims.