"It's a time to come together and you can't come together when one team who has a couple of votes majority in the Senate is acting like a bunch of, you know, mafia thugs," said California Governor Jerry Brown. "It's not right and it won't stand."

California Governor Jerry Brown joined a conference call with Governor Cuomo and New Jersey Governor-Elect Phil Murphy. They're decrying the Senate's passage of the Republican tax reform bill. It's now up to members of the House to decide if they'll take that bill as-is or or challenge some piece of the plan. And the governors are raising the possibility of a court challenge to a final agreement. Joining us to break down all the latest news in state and national politics are the Insiders: Steve Greenberg worked for two Assembly Speakers and is the head of Greenberg Public Relations and a pollster for Siena. Dave Catalfamo served as communications director to former Governor George Pataki and now works at Park Strategies.