Some might say the choice is a simple one, but Bills head coach Sean McDermott says he's still evaluating who will be his starting quarterback for Sunday's road game against the Chiefs.

It comes after the surprising switch to Nathan Peterman, who became the first player since at least 1970 to throw five interceptions in the first half.

“One game is not going to define Nathan or Nathan’s career. Young players go through it, and you saw some of it yesterday. I put that back on myself. I own the decision. Still, as I said yesterday, I don’t regret the decision, I regret the result,” said McDermott.

The result was a third straight loss for a team that's reeling, but still in the playoff hunt. After Peterman's historically poor performance, McDermott was asked how he could sell the possibility of playing him again over Taylor to the rest of the team. He says he will discuss his decision with the players' leadership council, which includes Taylor.

“I hope with them, that I’ve built up enough credibility, trust. Then, there’s also a human element of it, that ‘hey, I’m trying to do what’s right,’ and not every decision is going to work out exactly like I wanted it to. You take responsibility, that’s what you do. You hope by doing that, that over time, you’re going to make more right decisions than you make that aren’t so right,” said McDermott.

As for his credibility with a Bills fan base desperate to see an end to the club's 17-year-playoff drought, McDermott remains concentrated on the present predicament, but with an eye to the process in the future.

“Well, I wasn’t here for 17 years. I got here ten months ago, and that’s what I’m focused on. I’m focused on going forward and what we’re building; we’re building something bigger and sometimes that takes going through some stuff and I get it. And I own that. I'm also here to lead this organization through it though too,” said McDermott.

With a decision looming that could affect the franchise for years to come, McDermott says he has to stay confident and, "when you waver is when you get yourself in trouble."

We'll likely find out Wednesday if he's wavered on Peterman, or if he goes back to Taylor like he did in the second half on Sunday.