RALEIGH – The remnants of Irma continue to move away from North Carolina but people in several areas of the state are still dealing with storm damage.

Gov. Roy Cooper gave an update from Raleigh late Tuesday morning.

He mentioned the nearly 70,000 homes and businesses that are without power -- most of them in the western part of the state.

Macon, Henderson, Jackson and Buncombe counties were among the hardest hit.

National Guard chainsaw crews were deployed to areas like Buncombe County where downed trees caused road closures.

Although some people are still dealing with the damage, Cooper said, for the most part, we were spared. 

 “Even though North Carolina does have thousands without power and there are a number of roads closures, they’re working on these and are hoping to get power back as quickly as possible and get these roads cleared,” said Cooper. “And all things considered, most of North Carolina has been very fortunate in the wake of Hurricane Irma.”

Cooper also said there was a rock slide on U.S. Highway 221 in McDowell County.

In total, about 80 people went to five shelters opened throughout the state.