RALEIGH -- Some state government buildings reopened Monday following Thursday’s night’s massive fire in downtown Raleigh as the cleanup continues at the scene.

As a result of the fire, nearby state buildings like the Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Agriculture lost power and had to be closed last Friday.

At the agricultural building, the intense heat had even cracked some windows.

Others experienced internet, phone outages and HVAC problems.

"Anytime you kind of have to shut down, work, particularly state work, that so many people are dependent upon, it has an impact on folks’ lives,” said Jamie Kritzer with NCDEQ. “In terms of people that work for us, many people were able to take administrative leave or were able to work at an alternative location, either from home or wherever."

State buildings may be fully functional, but it will still be awhile before that part of downtown Raleigh will look normal again.